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SMS Integration Solutions

Transactional SMS is most widely used in Banks, E-Ticketing Agencies, Banks, Airlines, Railway, product or service. The only reason to use Transactional SMS is No DND Filters and Instant Delivery 24 x 7. Transactional SMS can make your marketing promotion more effective. However other marketing strategies are also fast but nothing compare to the swiftness of SMS.

Transaction SMS makes sure for the High Conversion rate because it delivered instantly to the Non DND Numbers.

Our range of robust, scalable and secure SMS API’s have been developed in-house to ensure a reliable and high-throughput solution for your Enterprise messaging needs. Join many of customers using this service today

Feature of Transactional SMS

  • Delivery Time : 24X7 Delivery
  • DND Numbers : All Numbers Delivered
  • Sender ID : Static 6-Alpha Sender ID.
  • Gateway Options : High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway.

Example of Transactional SMS:

  • Messages related to account balance of the bank account holder.
  • Messages to the client related to any important notification.